a glass grinding machine manufacturer



  In the glass deep processing industry, glass edge grinding machine is the largest share of equipment, then as a glass factory purchaser how to choose a glass edge grinding machine manufacturers? In the purchase of the first should pay attention to the following points.

  1. selection: according to the actual grinding edge of the enterprise itself, choose the most applicable to their own grinding head number, that is, to polish the brightness of the requirements, the more grinding head number, the brighter the polishing, the faster the speed, the more features.

  2. grinding edge precision: according to their actual needs of the situation to choose, this can not just look at the introduction of the product manual and the manufacturer's words, most of the current manufacturer's technical parameters are not true. To the scene to see the actual demonstration and the actual use of glass manufacturers.

  3. mechanical part: the stability and accuracy of the guarantee, first of all, the mechanical part of the design and installation of the reasonableness will be an important factor. To ensure the flatness of the mechanical part, the parallelism of the two beams, how to prevent non-deformation, whether the machinery is cast assembly are important links to test the stability of the machinery.

  4. Function: The function of the edge grinding machine is also an important sign to verify the performance of the edge grinding. Whether with 45 ° chamfer, can not warp, whether with lubrication grinding head seat function and so on.

  At present, there are nearly 100 domestic manufacturers of glass edge grinding machine, but the number of manufacturers who can quantify the maturity, we must be careful when choosing the edge grinding machine, can not simply look at the information and publicity, the need for a full range of considerations, so as not to take a detour.