Use of edge grinding machines



  Milling machine use and maintenance

  Correct and rational use of the milling machine, not only to ensure normal production, but also play a role in extending machine life. Here about the proper use of milling machine should pay attention.

  1, on purchase of new milling machine, using the former must first read the instruction manual. Find out the machine in the drive principle, a variety of handles, hand wheels, electric button, water, gas regulator valve, grasp the knowledge of machine maintenance, the only hands-on.

  2, the milling machine grinding wheel head is good or bad quality of the glass have a greater impact, grinding head position, move the gap so the factory have been fine, except when using advance and retreat grinding head, the other not to move the general to affect the quality of grinding. In addition, the grinding head back position is not easy too large, otherwise easily damage the waterproof cover, resulting in leakage, and easy to burn out the motor.

  3, the adequacy of the cooling effect of grinding also affected. Road to always check whether the cooling pipe clogging. Particular straight line edging machine bristles easily be blocked, and after blocking escape detection, would result in inadequate cooling of milling quality.

  4, the milling machine using the CVT to regulate the speed must be in the issuing state, or milling machines easily damage the CVT.

  5, special machines use Notes: ① sucker shaped machine table are the same level of greater impact on the grinding effect. Assembly of the five manufacturers have been self-sucker seat grinding, and pick the thickness of the plastic suction cups on the same high degree of consistency to enable the suction cup, so do not go under normal circumstances removable suction cups. If there is damage to the rubber suction cup, they have chosen to replace the same thickness. ② shaped machine vacuum pump in use for some time, due to other reasons, there will be water down the vacuum (ie, suction decreases) and, therefore, should pay attention to check and troubleshooting, otherwise insufficient suction machine to work, on the one hand will affect the mill cut quality, on the other hand are also prone to accidents.

  6, when used straight-line edging machine Note: straight milling machine (straight edge machine, round edge machine, bevel edge machine) works through the glass before and after the clamp plate and drive the linear motion of the grinding. Must use two points: ① plate before and after the combination with the rail surface to be lubricated regularly, otherwise they will face in the front plate and the rails of the machine of premature wear and tear of normal life. Although some models automatic lubricating device, but we must always check the lubrication pipe is smooth; ② clamping force clamping the glass size should be appropriate, too loose quality of grinding, the machine load will increase too tight, easy to produce jitter creeping phenomenon, easy to wear thin glass Shihai folder broken glass. Clamping force can be a slightly larger size of glass caught in the machine for testing, namely: the machine will be caught in the middle of the glass, downtime state, his hands moving the glass plate, clamping force is transferred to the feeling just can not move his hands when appropriate.

  7, when used by the molding machine Note: ① mode by touching on the grinding machine accuracy by the great impact. Face by the template shape and size must be done accurately and finish higher. If shaped by the template, be sure to smooth the transition at. ② change the template and the sucker, be sure to keep the level of suction face, otherwise it will affect the grinding quality.

  8, bilateral milling machine when used Note: ① bilateral milling machine milling machine is a high grade, use of the best fixed two to three operations to ensure proper operation. ② grinding process of bilateral errors or failure, it is best you send the original manufacturer maintenance and debugging, in general, do not overhaul in order to avoid chaos caused by discontinued programs.