How to choose and buy an edge grinding machine



  How to choose and purchase milling machine

  1, select the manufacturer

  Domestic milling machine manufacturers now have nearly as many, of which the larger scale of production, product quality and after-sales service system, the credibility of only 10 higher than the manufacturer, we must first choose the time of purchase of these manufacturers the production of milling machines, because of these milling machine manufacturers, although the price than the small factory production is higher, but the quality and service is much better than small factories, using up more assured. Even in the use of some technical problems, the manufacturers will help you in time to solve. Generally are free of charge during the warranty period, the warranty cost of the appropriate fee. If you are not satisfied with the purchased equipment can also be returned or replaced.

  Also to highlight that, if the need to purchase a milling machine type and number of large, preferably use the same manufacturers. Because it would have on future production, management, maintenance, etc. to be a lot easier, and because of bulk purchasing, price and service can get more benefits, I know many Glassworks found that many manufacturers use production devices are produced in a small number of equipment manufacturers.

  If the requirements of precision grinding of glass products, not too high, consider buying some small factory production milling machine. This saves the purchase of equipment investment, because of the small factory machines relatively cheap price, large production is generally lower than 10% to 20%.

  If large-scale processing of glass products, more adequate funding, but also for high precision glass products, production volume, you can consider buying a few sets of imported milling machines. Although expensive imported machines, but it is high precision, low failure rate, can play a crucial advantage. Some manufacturers use imported milling machine is still in use for over a decade, and the precision is still higher than the domestic machine. So in a sense to buy imported machines are very cost-effective.

  2, select the type of milling machine

  Many different types of milling machine, how to choose will have the characteristics of processed products according to production scale to choose. Here to round edge machine, for example, rounded edges of the milling machine can have special machines, straight-line edging machine, by molding machine, linear bilateral circular edge machines. How to choose, we must combine the requirements of processed products. If the design and processing of the product is round, oval or other shaped glass, you can select special machines or by the molding machine (due to line round edge grinding machine can not be round or shaped piece). If the design and processing of product variety and small batch, select the special machines more suitable, because of special machines replace the product more convenient, relatively cheap machines. If the design and processing of products smaller and relatively large quantities and then select the machine by touching on the more suitable, because of high production efficiency by the molding machine, and easy to ensure accuracy.

  If the design and processing of the products are rectangular, rectangular glass, only the selection of the line or line round double round edge machine edge machine (because of special machines, and by the molding machine generally can not wear straight rounded edges). When the product is not very high precision, production volume is not too large, choose the general line round edge machine can (because of its lower price); if high precision products, production volume is large, the selection of the line double-zz Edge round edge machine is more appropriate.

  3, select the milling machine points to note

  (1) research before purchase. Purchase of a milling machine in a more run before the best of several equipment manufacturers to see and compare the quality of each plant, price, service, and can further use to have purchased similar equipment and peer at, to understand some of the equipment usage, this can be a pretty good idea when the purchase to avoid unnecessary regret.

  (2) small selection of the time of purchase. Determine the equipment manufacturers, the best time for manufacturers to test in the purchase of several mill thickness and sizes of glass, in addition to observing the quality of the glass after grinding, we have to observe the machine during operation of any abnormal phenomenon (such as vibration, leakage, etc.). If there are problems to be solved or will have to change manufacturers in a timely manner.

  (3) seize the opportunity to train workers. Generally larger glass machinery factory equipment operation training will be provided free of charge services, the procurement of equipment, should participate in training relevant personnel should select the factory for future use, proper operation, to maximize equipment effectiveness.

  (4) an ample supply of parts to ensure production. Purchase when you buy the necessary accessories (such as clips, rubber suction cups, water sets and other consumable parts), to eliminate the shortage of equipment, spare parts due to the use of an impact on production